Denciti is a forward-thinking developer with creative approach to problem solving. They aren’t intimidated by a challenge; they’re fueled by one.

— Mark Hannah – Managing Director, Nicola Wealth Real Estate

Denciti has the planning tools and processes to facilitate growth and excellence. They also have the business acumen to make bold decisions and get things done.

— Brent Billey – President & CEO, Kadestone Capital Corp.

Confidence in development is key. Denciti has ours.

— Tom Laing – President & COO, Northland Capital

Our experience with Denciti Development Corp. is that they are a great company to collaborate with on a project.  They understand the process to develop a project and know what needs to be done to move that project forward. For every development project Ventana has been involved with Denciti, their team provides a planned thought process where decisions are made for the benefit of the project, the community, and their clients.

— Bryan Jones – Chief Estimator, Ventana Construction Corporation

Thank you for working with us on this project.  It was well run and everyone has enjoyed working with you and the team on the development.

— Jarrod Koster – Principal, Herold Engineering Limited

Denciti is a development company who truly understands the intricacies of construction and the relationships required to maintain a successful project. I look forward to any future opportunities they may provide Ventana.

— Graham Hilarius – Site Superintendent, Ventana Construction Corporation

It has been a real pleasure working with the DENCITI team in the successful deliveries of past and current projects. Ventana credits their professional approach and knowledge in real estate development and their proactive leadership during preconstruction and construction phases of the project. As General Contractors, we value the opportunity in working with developers like DENCITI who understands building relationships and collaboration are keys to completing projects on time and on schedule.

— Gavin Yee – VP Construction Services, Ventana Construction Corporation

It was a really great project, you guys did a great job and everyone should be very proud of the finished product. If they were all that good I would be out of a job.

— Shaun Renneberg – Principal, RCL Consulting Inc.

After years of working with Denciti’s incredibly capable and caring team, we continue to enjoy our ongoing projects together. The Denciti team is composed of all-around great people who are well organized and fair with scheduling. They have an excellent understanding on design, permitting and construction processes which allows them to get jobs done efficiently and affordably. We are proud to be a part of Denciti’s ongoing projects.

— Paul Duong – Associate, Bycar Engineering Ltd.

I have had the pleasure of working through preconstruction with Jackie Lee of Denciti on a number of projects. I really enjoyed the collaborative nature of the working relationship that Jackie fosters between all members of the team during preconstruction.  Jackie has a keen eye for constructability and a clear understanding of the challenges faced by contractors on site. These skills paired with his team approach to preconstruction ensures projects are set up for success in the construction phase. Denciti is a preferred Developer of IWCD and we look forward to working with them to complete many more successful projects in the future.

— Dave Quinsey – Pre-construction, Island West Coast Developments Ltd.

Working with Denciti has been a very positive experience. They have a very knowledgeable and experienced team that encourages collaboration to get the best product and value out of every project.

— Darren Neuman – Associate, Nemetz (S/A) & Associates LTD.

Jackie Lee and the DENCITI team are a proactive Development group who possess an elevated understanding of the Construction Industry and Real Estate Development. Ventana values DENCITI’s collaborative approach to construction as collaboration is the catalyst to the success of any construction project. We thank DENCITI for the valuable working relationship and look forward to building future successful projects with Jackie and the team.


Clients of Integra Architecture since 2019, the Denciti team are an experienced and very knowledgeable development group keen on fostering strong relationships with all project contributors, through clear, constructive dialogue, design collaboration and focus on budget-conscious project delivery – we look forward to many more successful projects together.

— Steve Watt – Principal, Integra Architecture Inc.

Weiler Smith Bowers is proud to have worked with the Denciti Team on several successful projects, past, present and future.

— Kevin Lemieux – P.Eng, Principal, Weiler Smith Bowers Consulting Structural Engineers